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Loans for Unemployed - A Practical Solution for You

There are some stages in life where you find yourself jobless, which clearly bothers you with no savings to escape the financial drench. If you do not have the steady income, it would be extremely tough for you to manipulate over your monthly outgoings and this is where you have to think about availing a loan to at least continue the much-needed cash flow.

When it comes to loans for unemployed, the UK marketplace does have numerous deals to choose from. However, not all of them can provide you a financial relief largely because of strict obligations to follow. Few loan deals do work for you, as you get here at One click Loans, which may end up with certain benefits for you from all sides. Remember, availing a loan does require repaying the amount later, but you do not need to worry as our flexible repayment terms are easy to follow.

Features of Short term loans for unemployed

  • Most of the time, the loans are offered with easy interest rates when the borrowers have the good credit ratings. But here policies are different and in fact, lot versatile according to the recent demand from the unemployed people with bad credit. We accept their applications too and do not bother them with high interest rates.
  • The acceptance of the loan applications is done only through the online medium. Borrowers just need to sit at their home, open their smart phone or laptop and come here to our website to follow these simple steps:
    • Click on 'Apply Now' section
    • Find the online form and fill it with mandatory details
    • Submit the form and get an instant approval
  • The interest rates are always the worrying thing for most of the jobless people. We understand their concern and try to provide loans on the nominal interest rates, which they can pay from their additional earning sources.
  • We have framed our loan deals as such where the obligations do not seem too complicated for the borrowers. They do not have to pledge anything in terms of collateral and they easily qualify for same day loans on benefits.

Unemployed Loans Representative Example:
Loan Amount £2500
Loan Terms 12 months
Monthly Installment £222.71
Total Repayable £2672.49
Interest Rate 12.5% (fixed)

Fast Approval on Loans for People on Benefits

The growing sphere of online lending has made the loans for people on benefits a lot easier. These loans help the borrowers to bring the desired funds quickly and that would be without any collateral to pledge. In addition, the absence of tedious paperwork further makes convenient for you, as the approval is decided upon factors like:

  • Amount to borrow
  • Current Financial Condition
  • Repayment capacity

We do not mind approving the loan applications of those unemployed people, who have been living on the government benefits. We know that these benefits may not be sufficient for them to cover all their expenses. Thus, we have a practical solution for you where getting eligible for the unemployed loans is not difficult at all. In addition, they also get an advantage of quick loan approval, as we are open to accept their applications even without any full time employment status or poor credit history.

Why oneclickloans?

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The Special Feature of Same Day Approval

One click Loans is the online direct lender where the process is entirely based upon the internet technology. We especially take care of those individuals, who require money on an urgent basis. The same day loans on benefits, is our one such policy that defines what we are aiming for.

We provide loans to fulfil our basic lending principles, such as:

Applying for the short term loans for unemployed may not be a long term advantage but such products can work as the financial lifeline for you. After receiving funds, you can continue on finding out the new employment that will make things easier for you. Thinking too much will only waste your time rather come ahead to secure your finances with our effective loan deals. Apply now!

Unemployed loans FAQs

Can I apply for loans in the situation of Unemployment?

Most of the traditional lenders have strict lending rules and regulations, so they generally ask for the income proof for the approving the loan. However, this is not the entire picture as there are also lenders in the market who offers loan even for the unemployed people, but make sure that you have a decent credit score for that or the lender might charge a high-interest rate.

How much amount Can I borrow in Loans for unemployed?

Well, getting a loan is quite difficult when you are unemployed, but it is not impossible though. Many direct lenders in the market are there who offer loans for the unemployed people that can be really useful during such a difficult time when you need financial assistance. The amount of loan that you can borrow lies from £500 to £7000, and the amount can vary from the lender to lender but this the average amount window that you can apply up to.

Is there any difference between loans for unemployed and loans for people on benefits?

The government provides benefits to the people who are facing certain difficulties in life such as unemployed, physically disabled, senior citizens, women who are on maternity leave and others. So, loans for unemployed are specifically for the jobless people, while loans for people on benefits are disbursed to all people who fall in this category including the unemployed as well.

Is lenders provide loans to Unemployed without Guarantor?

Well, not all lenders actually provide loans to the unemployed without a guarantor, but there is still some hope to get if you are knocking the doors of the direct lender. You can get loans for unemployed from such lender as they don’t have very strict lending rules and regulations. But, in order to get approval in such a scenario, make sure that your credit score is decent.

Is terms and condition change for loans for Unemployed?

Well, there is not much difference in terms and condition but instead of if you have some side income through which you can convince the lender, you can get the loan even if you don’t have a permanent job. The lender might rely on other factors to determine your repayment capacity.

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