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What are Payday Loans?

Payday loansare another form of short-term loans that people use to apply during the financial emergency. In the UK, many direct lenders offer these loans to bring quick financial access for their borrowers, and that will be on fewer obligations to follow.

Sometimes, these loans are also known as quick loans, fast loans, same-day loans, salary day loans, pay advance and so on. The fascinating part for the borrowers’ point of view is that they have the maximum chances of availing guaranteed payday loans.

Borrowers have the liberty to go for these instant funding sources irrespective of their poor or adverse credit score. Since the borrowed amount is low, the approval chances are high if someone opts forinstant payday loans with no credit check as the relevant factor from the direct lenders only like us.

The borrowed amount limit is from £1000 to £5000. You can decide the amount according to your current needs.

What Are the Features of Payday Loans for Bad Credit People?

A low credit score is always a constraint in getting the loan approval, but it is not going to happen here. We are the reliable lending platform where you can trust while expecting guaranteed payday loans for bad credit people.

We have specialised our loan packages for this significant class of borrowers because they need adequate assistance to cope up with the ongoing financial urgency. To help them, we have following loan features:

  • Loan Approval Based on Current Income Status

    We are not interested to know your past credit mistakes. We only see your present income to grant the loan offer. Not only the amount but also the repayment term is decided on the income factor.

  • Don’t Approach any Credit Reference Agency

    Our no credit check policy allows you to not to approach any credit reference agencies to know your credit score and then apply. Get money now whatever your credit score is mentioned into your financial profile.

  • Loan Acceptance for Very Poor Credit Score

    The lending opportunities that we create also include loan options for the people with a very bad credit score. No matter they defaulted or having CCJ against their name, they can apply for a loan now.

How Are Payday Loans with No Credit Check Processed?

Since our inception, several borrowers have benefited from the loan offered to them. Still, they like the most that is our simple online procedure to obtain payday loans in the UK with no credit check as the extra benefit. They only have to sit in their living room with a PC or Smartphone with an internet connection to apply for these loans.

If you are ready with such equipment and need money urgently, fill out the online application form with mandatory details and then submit it. The following procedure will be:

Verification of Income Status

We do a 5 minute process to verify your current income status. It ensures more approval chances on to your loan application.

Instant Loan Quote

You don’t need to wait for long. As quickly we verify details, we send a loan quote to your email id. Go through the interest rates and repayment term to confirm it.

Benefits of Payday Loans

Borrowers look for these pay advance options because they cannot wait for the next salary to come and rectify the unexpected expenses. They want certain benefits to their favour so that a loan comes as the financial assistance, not as the one more burden to their finances.

As a responsible private lender in the UK, we understand your need and desire because you do not want to sacrifice with them. Our no credit check payday loans help you to STABILISE your finances rather than SACRIFICING with them. The benefits that we bring with our loan deals are enough to tackle any financial issue, whether expected or unexpected.

Here are the loan benefits:


Electronic Transfer of Funds

You need money instantly, and we cannot delay the process of fund transfer. We deal only with online loan applications and thus, give you the privilege of electronic transfer of funds to your valid bank account. This system allows the same day loan approval as well.


Easy-to-Pay within Two to Four Weeks

These quick loans bring you the chances of repaying the amount within two to four weeks once you receive your next salary. It reflects the easiness of getting them without any worry about how to repay. Apply for the loans and start using its benefits straightway.


Chances of Loan Renewal

We have brought the comfort of loan renewal if you cannot repay the amount or want more funding to rectify more financial issues. We assure you that the loan terms and conditions will remain the same or depend upon your most recent financial scenario.


Improvement Prospects of Credit Scores

We give you the freedom to choose your repayment schedule, whether it is in one week or one month. Alternatively, you can select our auto-repayment option on a particular date that will allow not missing any repayment. All these factors create improvement prospects of credit ratings.


No Requirement of Any Broker

We are the direct lender in the UK and have the vast presence all over the region. You do not need to go anywhere to apply for payday loans with no credit check, and no brokers are required as well. Come directly to us and get instant loan benefits without any hassle.

Why OneClickLoans is the Perfect Lender for Me?

‘Lending is not only the means of helping people financially through money. Besides, it is also the process of refining financial stability with a sufficient funding backup.’

OneClickLoans offers borrowing options based on that principle and frame every loan term that can help in the borrowers’ financial constancy. By presenting guaranteed payday loans, we want to prove that we always think of your financial interest and can do everything to bring loan benefits on an assured level.

3 significant factors define our nature of responsible lending:

It is time to show your trust in us and start applying for payday loans now.

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Payday Loans FAQs
How long do payday loans default stay on a credit report?

If you make a default on payday loans, it will show up on your credit file for up to two years. It means you will get a loan at a high-interest rate until the footprint is removed from your credit report. However, you can apply for payday loans with no credit check to avoid further damage to your credit score.

I can't pay my payday loan. What will happen?

If you miss the due date, you will attract interest penalties and late payment fees. So, whenever you think it is challenging to pay off a payday loan, you should talk to your lender immediately and inform them of your real financial condition. By keeping them in the loop before the due date can help you avail a new repayment plan or your lender may also accept a minimum repayment.

How to take out payday loans legally

To take out payday loans legally, make sure that the lender's website is legal and has a complete physical address. Further, apply for these loans with those lenders who analyse your income statement to estimate your repaying capacity. An ethical lender is one that disburses money based on your affordability.

Is a guaranteed payday loan different from a regular payday loan?

Guaranteed payday loans have the same features as regular payday loans. The only difference is they require 100% approval. However, the disbursal limit will be restricted compared to regular payday loans.

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