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Many individuals struggle with their credit ratings as they have made mistakes like missed payments of their previous loans or no payment of credit card bills. To have the loan during the critical financial times, they look for a guarantor to co-sign the loan application on an agreement of repaying the loan money if the primary borrower defaults.

The loans without guarantor bring an ideal substitute to that option where you do not require putting your financial commitments on any other person. You can owe the responsibility of loan repayment on your capacity.

As a trustworthy lender, we offer you the best deals available on no guarantor loans in the UK. The features that we attach with these loans are different from other direct lenders. Here are highlights of them:

  • We prefer full credit profile
  • We do not rely solely on your credit past
  • Individual circumstances pave the way for the final loan deal
  • We do prior discussion to know your financial situations in detail

With us, you can quickly borrow from £1000 to £10000 for the loan term between 6 months and 36 months.

Your Queries Here’re the Answers
What makes no guarantor loans instant in approval?

It is an interesting query to put in, but there are some strong reasons why these loans come on instant approval. Here they are:

  • You do not need to waste time finding the guarantor with a good credit score.
  • Lenders can also review your loan application quickly instead of looking at the guarantor's record as well.
  • Your income capacity says all, and if it is satisfactory, the lender can confirm it as the sole base of loan approval
Why do I not need any broker to go for loans without a guarantor?

Most of the small loans are generally applied during the financial emergency. During this time, you cannot wait for long to get the funds.

Approaching a broker takes time, and it will require paying the professional's fees too. By going for the direct lender, save your time and money both. With their vast online presence, borrowers find it useful to apply for loans without guarantor from direct lender only.

Why are no guarantor loans still in trend?

The loans' affordability makes the borrowers look after no guarantor loans in the UK. You only need website access to the online lender, and you can apply for loans from your Smartphone or laptop.

With a short application procedure, the chances of quick approval are there. Of course, the guarantor's absence does not make any difference and contribute to the quick loan acceptance.

Do no guarantor loans work in any condition?

Yes, these loans are helpful for every financial condition. However, these funding sources are primarily for people with poor credit scores. It is the reason why we are offering them as 'bad credit loans with no guarantor'. Besides, we have put another exemption for rare cases where we follow no credit check policy as well,which they can avail on the festive seasons like Christmas.

No GUARANTOR Loans Representative Example:
Loan Amount £3000
Loan Terms 24 months
Monthly Installment £136.64
Total Repayable £3279.40
Interest Rate 8.7% (fixed)


You apply for the loans when you need something or desire to purchase something. In certain circumstances, you need a cash injection to fill the financial gap. By obtaining loans without guarantor from a direct lender like us, you can fulfil a number of financial purposes without any hustle and bustle.

Home Improvements

Do you want to improve your home for better value? You can do it right now by borrowing from our loans where no guarantor is needed.

Wedding Expenses

The day is about to come to turn your dreams into reality. Apply for the loans and purchase anything of your desire to make this day unforgettable.

Car Financing

Are you planning to purchase a new car? Do you find a lack of funds to finance it? No worry, go for our loans without guarantor and buy your dream car.

Holiday Costs

You must be boring with regular financial activities and start making holiday plans. Persist planning with no money worries.

Credit Score Progress

You cannot keep poor credit score for too long, as you have to improve it. Our no guarantor loans on easy repayments will do this for you.


Apply procedure

We are dedicated to be transparent and clear about every step that is included in our easy and secure process. It helps you to have the pleasure of no guarantor loans on instant approval.

Before You Apply

  • Analyse your personal circumstances
  • Keep a scanned copy of income proof ready
  • Visit our website

During the Application

  • Find the Application form and open it
  • Put genuine personal details like amount, contact number and email id
  • Submit the application and receive an instant quote from us

After Completing the Application

  • We quickly go through your application
  • If everything is fine, we give our approval
  • Funds are transferred immediately to your valid bank account

Make sure you analyse your repay capacity as soon as possible because our process completes within 60 seconds. It is why our deals belong to among the best loans without guarantor in the UK.


Nothing can be more stressful than having the poor credit score. It is apparent because your bad credit history has an immediate effect on your financial opportunities. It reduces your capability to get short-term loans and long-term loans both. For the most part, conventional lenders are not interested in their loan application.

We, as the modern-age lender, are ready to answer your query, i.e. can I get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor?

The answer is yes. We can accept your loan request as we do not take credit score as the sole factor of loan approval. Instead, we are interested in your:

  • Current Financial Performance
  • Recent payments of credit cards, utility bills or loans
  • Prevailing income capacity (that should not be less than £700 per month)
  • Sincerity of personal details mentioned in the application

The interest rates are finalised according to these criteria. There is a myth that bad credit no guarantor loan is costly. We have busted that myth by offering these loans on competitive interest rates.


How do you stay away from bad credit to avail a no guarantor loan?

After hearing this question from our several prospective borrowers, we are now sure that our personalised loan deals can be useful for them. Therefore, we not only provide loans but also guide borrowers on how to get the funds for anything they want. We proud ourselves the way we treat our customers because they can revive their financial life. You remain aware of everything that we offer, and nothing could come as a surprise later on.

The best instance of this when we offer no guarantor loans without any issue of bad credit and no fees are applicable at all. Another fascinating part of our loan offer is that your unemployed situation does not make any impact too. Just go on with your loan application, we bring ideal outcomes with these motives:

Say YES to OneClickLoans today. Apply right now and get the loan approval within a few minutes.

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No Guarantor Loans FAQs

I am self employed, can I apply?

Of course, there is no doubt that applying for the loans while you are self employed, is always a possibility. Although both mainstream lenders and modern day lenders are offerings loans to these individuals but if you want more flexibility to the loan terms, then the latter option would be better in every sense. The online lenders in UK like One click Loans are always in favour of providing the loans to the self employed in the best way they can. In fact, they have prepared specialised loan deals for them.

How can I apply for loans without Guarantor?

These days when the concept like FinTech and Fin Net are booming in the loan marketplace, applying loans without guarantor is not the big thing. There is absolutely no need to approach someone to take your guarantee rather you can straightway apply for the loans without any hassle. However, it depends upon the lender how they will compensate their amount either through security or by income status of the borrowers.

How do I get bad credit loans without a guarantor?

Generally, most of the traditional lenders demand a guarantor to approve the loan. However, there are also direct lenders in the market who specialises in loan products where the borrower doesn’t have to provide a guarantor and even if your credit score is bad. Well, the lender might check your income status for this to evaluate your repayment capacity.

How much Maximum amount do I get without Guarantor?

Well, the amount given on loans without guarantor is basically small as compared to other loan products where a guarantor is demanded by the lender. However, you can apply from £1000 to £5000 depending on the lender policy. So, you can apply for such loans when you are facing any financial crisis where you need immediate funding but not a very big amount.

What is the maximum age for applying these loans?

The lending policy of every lender differs from one another, but mostly the maximum age to apply for these loans is 70. This can be very useful for the senior citizens who are living their retirement life who are in an urgent need of money, which is very difficult to get from a traditional lender considering their strict rules and regulations.

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