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What is No Guarantor Loan?

A no guarantor loan forms the process where an individual applies for the personal loan that is not backed up by anyone. It signifies that the person applying has the sole responsibility of making the repayments. If we go according to today’s market trends, most of the short term loans do not need someone to take the guarantee of a loan, as it becomes hectic and delayed the loan process.

Usually, a guarantor is someone who owns the responsibility of repaying the borrowed sum when the main borrower fails to pay back the money on time. This process works as the guarantee of loan repayment that every lender wants.

The problem is that not everyone has the access of a guarantor, who should be a homeowner and carry a good credit score. People with poor credit score usually have this sort of difficulty when they want to borrow. oneclickloans understands this and specialises its products such as offering loans for bad credit people with no guarantor, including many other benefits.

Most of the times, young people opt for this loan because they are more prone towards poor credit rating, although reasons can be many. Of course, they have certain questions in their mind and some of them are answered here:

Your Queries Here’re the Answers

How Can I Be Eligible for No Guarantor Loan?

The eligibility criteria differ from one lender to another but we have shortened it and make easier as we can, so that most numbers of individuals can avail our no guarantor loans. Talking about the conditions, here they are:

  • Your age should be between 18 and 70
  • You must have a UK bank account
  • Not to be an unemployed
  • Must have a net income (after tax) of a particular amount

How Can I Get Loans with No Guarantor?

On the same day. Yes you will get the desired funds on the exact date of the application submitted. You need to follow a simple online process and all that's happened in a matter of minutes.

The money will be transferred but for which you have to apply early in the day. If you do, you can expect receiving the money within 24 hours or earlier.

Can I Repay Early or Can Extend Repayment Term?

Most of the borrowers have the same query because it always attracts certain charges from the borrowers. It is where we are quite different from others because we do not charge any fees whenever a borrower sees an early repayment of his or her loan.

We also allow extended repayment term if someone has missed the target. Yet, it would be good if borrower informs us early so that proper arrangement can be done.

I am First Time Borrower, Can I Apply?

Of course, you can apply for our loans without guarantor required. In fact, we have special discounted rates loans for the first time borrowers, which they can avail on the festive seasons like Christmas.

There will be no credit check and the approval comes with no hurdles at all.

Representative Example:
Loan Amount:- £3000
Loan Terms:- 24 months
Monthly Installment:- £183.56
Total Repayable:- £4405.52
Interest Rate:- 40% (fixed)

How Loans with No Guarantor Advantage Me?

Approaching relatives, friends or colleagues to take your guarantee of loan repayment is hectic sometimes. And, availing loans from mainstream lenders becomes difficult. As the representative of the modern day lending in the UK, we bring no guarantor loans on many benefits:

  • Keep your relations with near and dear ones on pure manner, as you will make your own repayments
  • This sort of loan helps borrowers to save their precious time because they don't have to find a guarantor
  • Online application becomes more helpful with less paperwork and early approval
  • Finding the guarantor with good credit score is not possible in a day or two. Opting for no guarantor option helps you in a large manner

What is the Difference between Guarantor and Co-Obligant?

The main difference between a guarantor and co-signer lies as such:


  • A guarantor owns the responsibility of making repayments that the borrower defaults and unable to repay.
  • The guarantor is restricted with all the terms and conditions that are prescribed during the loan contract.
  • A guarantor can take guarantee of a borrower, who is applying either in secured or unsecured loan. In case of secured loan, if the borrowers fails in the repayments, the guarantor does not have to lose his assets but the main borrower does. In unsecured loan, lender can only take action against guarantor only after a court judgement.


  • Unlike guarantor, the co-borrower has the responsibility of paying back the entire amount if the primary borrower defaults.
  • A co-signer may only recover half of the repayment that the main borrower has already made, if he defaults.
  • A co-obligant does not have privilege that a guarantor has, where he can withdraw from the loan contract after a few initial months of the loan. But, a co-signer has to follow the entire loan term.

Does One click Loans Offer No Guarantor Loans for Business?

We do have the provision of providing loans for businesses, but with certain conditions and restrictions. The business loans with no guarantor come with following features:

  • Small businesses can apply
  • Interest rates will vary from personalised offer
  • Credit score will be checked but in a soft manner
  • Businesses have to show regular expenses & investments

I have bad credit rating, Am I Eligible?

The loans for bad credit people with no guarantor policy are among the most obvious borrowing choices in the UK. oneclickloans wants to offer the best in those choices to all the UK citizens. People with poor credit score can find here their heavenly lending place where they get deals favour to their financial circumstances. Even if they are unemployed, they still can apply and avail the loan benefits what we are offering. These are:

  • Competitive APRs
  • Repayment terms that are flexible
  • Quick approval on small amount
  • Borrow up to £10000
  • No credit assessment
  • Applying process is same as online
  • Loan approval on the basis of current performance

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No Guarantor Loans FAQs

I am self employed, can I apply?

Of course, there is no doubt that applying for the loans while you are self employed, is always a possibility. Although both mainstream lenders and modern day lenders are offerings loans to these individuals but if you want more flexibility to the loan terms, then the latter option would be better in every sense. The online lenders in UK like One click Loans are always in favour of providing the loans to the self employed in the best way they can. In fact, they have prepared specialised loan deals for them.

How can I apply for loans without Guarantor?

These days when the concept like FinTech and Fin Net are booming in the loan marketplace, applying loans without guarantor is not the big thing. There is absolutely no need to approach someone to take your guarantee rather you can straightway apply for the loans without any hassle. However, it depends upon the lender how they will compensate their amount either through security or by income status of the borrowers.

How do I get bad credit loans without a guarantor?

Generally, most of the traditional lenders demand a guarantor to approve the loan. However, there are also direct lenders in the market who specialises in loan products where the borrower doesn’t have to provide a guarantor and even if your credit score is bad. Well, the lender might check your income status for this to evaluate your repayment capacity.

How much Maximum amount do I get without Guarantor?

Well, the amount given on loans without guarantor is basically small as compared to other loan products where a guarantor is demanded by the lender. However, you can apply from £500 to £5000 depending on the lender policy. So, you can apply for such loans when you are facing any financial crisis where you need immediate funding but not a very big amount.

What is the maximum age for applying these loans?

The lending policy of every lender differs from one another, but mostly the maximum age to apply for these loans is 70. This can be very useful for the senior citizens who are living their retirement life who are in an urgent need of money, which is very difficult to get from a traditional lender considering their strict rules and regulations.

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