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Business loans – Borrow for the bigger picture

The world is now a big market economy, and for businesses, it is always a challenge to serve its needs. For this purpose, they need regular financial assistance for smooth operations. Whether it is the concern of sending timely orders or completing the production cycle, money is vital. In situations when scarcity of funds happens, a business owner needs reliable assistance.

OneClickLoans gets its reason to come in the discussion at this point with its vast range of business loans. We are a direct loan lender spread across the UK with the purpose to serve small amount needs of the business owners. To keep the ultimate goal of timely assistance, we have few steps to cross in loan procedure, 1) apply, 2) get approval decision 3) receive funds. Established with the high standards of next-generation online lending, our existence in the market finds its reason in customer satisfaction.

The three types of financial assistance we provide The choice of rates we offer

Our loan products aim to serve majorly three types of situations to facilitate a convenient selection of choices for you.

  • Working capital finance – For the daily operational costs like rent and wages, utility bills, tax bills etc.
  • Merchant cash advance – A lump sum amount paid to the business owner and repayments are taken in a tiny amount.
  • Invoice finance – Take an advance of money by showing your raised invoices that are unpaid since long. Late payment by the customer can affect your business; this type of financing prevents such chaos.

With a focus on the well-being of the applicants, we offer loans with different types of interest rates. They are –

  • Base Rate Business Loan – Get funds on the basic standards that are applicable for all the private lenders in the UK. However, we add customisation to bring it on a lower rate.
  • Fixed-Rate Business Loan – Borrow with no fluctuation of interest rate during the fixed-rate period.
  • Current Commercial Fixed Rate Business Loan – This type has a minimum and maximum percentage according to the current market situations.

98% of business loan applications were approved in first six months of 2020

What Features of Business Start-Up Loans Are Accessible?

If you have already dreamt of having your own business, the time has come for you to make it a reality.

How can it be possible?

It is very crucial to have the investment capital to start a venture. You will have specific requirements like vehicles, infrastructure, equipment, and many more. In such circumstances, business start-up loans in the UK are helpful for you.

Explore our loan deals and make the best use of them. Continue to read below to know which features are dedicated to your professional aspirations.

Conditions you need to qualify for the loan

We are not complicated here. You will find things easy on this aspect as whatever are the demands; they are fundamental. To help you with the right kind of loan deal, we need specific details and situations. Provide us and get an offer that precisely suits your business circumstances.

Can I Get Speedy Funding for my Small Scale Business?

At OneClickLoans, you get sufficient funding irrespective of your small-scale or large-scale business. For small businesses, we have tailor-made deals on short-term business loans.

The loan tenure may be short, but it has a significant impact on your business growth. It works better during the financial emergency where you are eligible to get quick funding.

If you are running a small business, we have made two significant arrangements:-

Business Loans Representative Example:
Loan Amount £50000
Loan Terms 36 months
Monthly Installment £1611.01
Total Repayable £57996.46
Interest Rate 9.9% (fixed)

Short-term loans are better than long-term loans – How?

Short-term business loans Long-term business loans
Simple, swift procedures Long loan process
No obligation of collateral and guarantor Collateral and sometimes guarantor is also vital
Instant approval decision Takes time in weeks
100% paperless formalities Bulky documentation, faxing etc. required.
High approval rate Only 3 out of 10 get approved


Establishing a business may be easier but not running it successfully for a long time. At some point in time, you need money to sustain the growth. Your revenues are not great, and after the pandemic, many companies are struggling to keep up their commercial growth.

In such situations, the UK marketplace has come forward. direct lender like us have brought exclusive deals on unsecured business loans in the UK.

These loans are available online and with no necessity of pledging the collateral. These are risk-free with no fear of losing the asset.

Once you have easy funds to your favor, you can use them for various purposes. Some of the purposes may include:-

  • To start a business: You have made all the preparations for opening a business, but suddenly an expense comes. You want quick funds, and these loans will work for you.
  • To maintain cash flow: While running an establishing business, you need an external funding source to keep up the cash flow. We fulfill this need of yours with our unsecured loans.
  • To expand business: Expanding the business to other cities needs proper financial backup. If there is any funding gap that exists, you can cover this gap with our bespoke deals.
  • One more thing that OneClickLoans ensures is the same facility of unsecured business loans for bad credit in the UK.


Many conventional lending institutions in the UK operate business loans. Still, not many of them keep the open approach towards the borrowers with credit issues. Bad credit is something like a hindrance to your loan chances.

Will you be able to believe that your credit score may become a reason for getting a loan?

Yes, we have specialised deals on business loans for bad credit. Indeed, getting the loan approval despite a lower credit score is a huge benefit. We offer loans with many more advantages, which are explained in the below lines.

  • No Collateral: These are unsecured business loans where no asset is needed to secure the loan amount.
  • Soft Credit Check: We do credit checks softly means no search footprints to your credit profile and higher approval chances.
  • Fast Payout: We do not take days or weeks to release desired funding to your bank account. We do this on the same day.
  • Funds for business development: We aim to offer bad credit business loans that work well to your business development needs.
  • Easy Repayment Terms: You have the freedom to choose the convenient loan repayment term, which is under your capacity.
  • Guaranteed Approval: Yes, we work hard to bring bad credit business start-up loans on guaranteed approval if you can afford it.

How do you payback?

The online application procedure for business loans in the UK is as same as the procedure for other short-term loans.

  • Pay on your own, on the instalment date
  • We provide the facility of auto-debit

Two SPECIAL features of our repayment policy -

  • No prepayment penalty
  • Rollover with two extension periods for those who miss to pay off in the first time

By now, we have lent £4.5 million

From the two options, you can choose anyone according to the convenience.

Nothing is more important than the comfort of our customers as the relation is not only of lending and borrowing funds. It is a connection of trust in which we want to give you a reason to come back next time.

Any credit score is ‘OK’

OneClickLoans provides small business loans in the UK without the constraint of credit score status. We focus on the repayment capacity of an applicant. If that is fine, we are ‘ok’ with any number on credit report.

  • Excellent credit rating
  • Good credit rating
  • Fair credit rating
  • Bad credit rating

Not only this, we even provide a special discount to poor credit scorers if their payment history is not consistently bad.

Why oneclickloans?

Borrow Up to

Fast and Secure

Approval Rate

Bad credit /
ccj accepted

Easy repayment

No discrimination against start-ups

If you are a business in its infancy and need funds, our start-up business loans are there to serve your requirements. Our concern is to facilitate collective development in the financial situation of the nation. For that, businesses are the essential pillars, and start-ups are the generators of the new idea.

Show us a little efficiency against the loan amount, and we are ready to lend you money. No long list of questions, no time wastage get funds on instant approval decision. We also provide festive season discounts on the interest rates to help businesses grow.

"OneClickLoans invests its efforts to ensure the full-fledged financial well-being of your business. Being a direct lender, we take it as our responsibility to act flexibly. Our concern is to make more people get the comfort to apply for the loan. Whenever you need funds, let us know, and you are sure to get something efficient as a solution."

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