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  • December 9, 2019
  • Daisy marshall

Running a business is not all about selling products and making big money. There is a whole lot of the process to occur in between these two stages. The level of difficulty just rises exponentially when you are a small business or a start-up. There are plenty of obstacles that you need to cross to reach the summit of “Success”

However, not every business can sustain success for a long period. Various situations come out of the blue for which they are not prepared and their knee-jerk reactions to deal with the problem make it even worse than before.

How knee jerk reactions can affect your business?

Taking immediate decisions without any thinking or planning can have an adverse effect on the business. This careless decision-making process is what is basically termed as “knee-jerk reactions” where a business owner ends up making decisions that can simply too wrong for their company.

Here, in this blog, we have enlisted five major mistakes that most entrepreneurs make that have a major impact on their business. So, let us see them one by one.

  • Going Unplanned

Every business strives to move forward and reach their goals. This is something that is an ongoing process where you will have to take a step by step approach rather than taking hefty decisions. Therefore, planning is essential before doing any task of your business, be it small or major task.

Make sure that you do proper research and come up with effective planning to deal with the problem. Going without a plan makes you vulnerable to errors and instead of getting fruitful results; you might face a negative result. Before starting a business, you must check whether you are financially ready to start it. In case of need, you must take business start-up loans.

  • Don’t hire on a rush

If you are a start-up you will be needing employees to carry out the work of your business. Yes, you must not be in a rush while hiring the working staff. You will never see growth or able to provide quality service with a team of unskilled people in the company.

While hiring the employees for your business, keep these things in mind such as:

  • Work Experience
  • Calibre
  • Skills required
  • Cultural background
  • Confidence in the candidate
  • Not working on your weakness

Like an individual, businesses also have a weakness that pulls down their efficiency and stops them from reaching their goals. Therefore, if you want to boost the growth f your business, then you must recognise your weakness and work on it.

Your weakness could be the major reasons why you are not able to get the results that you are estimating to get. The weak spot of your business could be anything like:

  • lack of financial resources
  • lack of modern equipment
  • improper money management
  • ignoring the marketing segment
  • Poor communication

Now, if you are planning to make some major changes to strong your weak spot but lack funds, then you can approach a direct lender for business loans.

  • Making promises without knowing the circumstances

Another mistake that many businesses make is by committing to their clients without even knowing the situation. Now, before promising to your clients in providing the work, ensure yourself first whether you will be able to do it or not.

Well, the client will expect to get the work done as early as possible, but that doesn’t mean you should rush yourself in completing the work quickly. There will be a good chance that you will end up making a mistake.

Hampering the quality of your service will damage your goodwill in the market and will also create a negative image. Thus, before promising your clients on the delivery date of the work, check the current situation of the company and the market as well.

Wrapping up

These were the major examples of certain knee-jerk reactions that businesses often make all of a sudden with proper planning or any strategy. Doing this will affects business growth and also stops you from reaching the goals

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