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  • July 9, 2021
  • Leo

We have all accustomed to one common word family tradition. Ages after ages, the tradition within a family goes on, and each and every member of the family follows those. Tradition remains consistent and represents the culture of a particular family.

Undoubtedly, tradition differs from one family to another, and in this way, the discriminations between each one of them become so transparent.

It is more like a ritual and practice that carry out the reminiscent of ancestors. Thus, it plays an important role in enhancing the bonding between family members.

Unfortunately, nowadays, people lack in intimating family tradition. Actually, they hardly get time to spend quality time with family members.

We can understand there are many more things to do along a day, but it should be remembered that there will be no one left with you without your own family at the end of the day.

For this reason, even after facing difficulties like how to drive out financial problems by taking out loans without a guarantor from a direct lender or how to manage personal finance so that one can easily balance between expense and income, try to spend some time with family.

However, age-old traditions play a major role in the enhancement of family bonding. Although many people jumbled it up with a general routine, it is actually something different from a normal routine.

So, before we start discussing the role of tradition in enhancing family bonding, let us know how much difference it carries out from a normal routine.

Differences between family routine and tradition

  • Routine is something to which we are generally habituated. If we make a to-do list containing certain things that we need to do from morning till night, it determines a routine.

On the other hand, tradition is something that we often heard of generally from our seniors, most cases ancestors. They tell us about the special significance of the family, which they still practice in everyday life.

For instance, waking up at 7 am in morning to go for the morning walk can define a routine. But celebrating the Ashes Day in the church with family represents the tradition.

  • Routine is comprised of such activities which are necessary for daily life. Moreover, it is more time bounding work and helps to enhance the performance in our professional life.

On the other hand, tradition is something that is not at all associated with daily life. However, at a particular time of the year, all the family members celebrate a specific day in memory of some person or a belief.

It generally expresses the heritage and culture of ancestors that carry out the rituals from generation to generation.

For instance, workout sessions for 1 hour a day may define a part of our routines. V

But, when your mother offers that old neckpiece of your granny on your wedding day, it will act as the following tradition.

Importance of following traditions to strengthen the bonding

Being a family person especially, the earning person it is difficult to spend time with your near ones. With lots of commitments regarding work and post office involvements, we often forget about our family for whom we are working hard.

Thus, the possibilities of marital discord as well as lack of parenting ruin the flavour of the family.

This is something that you should avoid, and a change needs to be brought. It is not difficult to drive out financial crisis by using the medium of borrowing money as there are so many benefits of loans today. The most precious and hard to find factor is love and bonding between people.

Tradition, being an age-old practice, strengthen the bonding between family members because most of the time, this might arrive from the very beautiful memory of the past. 

Therefore, if you ask why tradition plays an important role in strengthening family bonding, we would say,

  • It enhances those past memories and plunges into the old days, which indeed provides refreshment from the everyday stressful life.
  • It brings within children a sense of responsibility and helps them to learn how to respect family beliefs. It will build values within them and give birth to morality.
  • Generally, grandparents and biological parents used to impart the education of the following tradition to children. Almost every traditional value is based upon stories.
  • Now, those stories are something that helps to enhance a sense of belongings within the family members. Thus, the chance of leaving the family decreases gradually.
  • Perhaps, you did not enjoy the acquaintance of grandparents and failed to know if there were any traditions or not. Don’t worry if you get the time, then ask your children to visit the church every Christmas to pray. Tradition is something that can always evolve. If you heard, ‘tradition should be a part of your family, and only then you can follow it’ well, that is completely a myth.
  • It is a way of channelizing culture from one generation to other. The best part about it is when you and your child will follow the traditional activity together. It will be a beautiful cherishing moment.

Ways to create new traditions

As mentioned, it is not mandatory that your family must have some traditional activities. Remember, even if a family has some existing traditions, that too was the brainchild of some person long ago. However, when it comes to the matter of strengthening bonds, family tradition is something that you can create too.

  • You can create holiday traditions like visiting church every Christmas or decorating the house before every Christmas Eve. Remembering Jesus on Eve can also be a new tradition for your family. Even lighting up candles in front of the Holy cross can also be a part of the tradition. All these are holiday traditions.
  • Being a family person, you can also create some non-holiday traditions to strengthen family bonds. It could be picking up apples from the backyards in the summer season or celebrating the birthdays of your family members. These regular traditions can help enhance the bonding between family members.

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