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  • May 30, 2020
  • Leo

COVID19 pandemic has decimated the economy. A large number of people have lost their jobs, and according to experts, the unemployment rate is likely to be higher. Students have suffered a lot during the lockdown as they had to lose their jobs, and they were under pressure of meeting regular expenses, including accommodation charges.

Many of you must have taken out private student loans in the UK, but thankfully you can delay repayments as long as you do not have any income source. However, it does not mean you are free from your obligation.

It is not surprising that you do not have enough savings, and that is why it is getting hard to pay off your bills. Even though the government is planning to ease the lockdown, it will take some time for life to recover. Unless you are free to live your life the way you have been before the lockdown, you can make money being at home.

Freelance services

Though many companies have laid off their employees, some are managing to run by providing work from home facility. They have furloughed or made their employees redundant have been reliant on their clients, but not all companies have suffered so drastically from the hit of the pandemic COVID19.

Several companies are out there that are hiring freelancers to get their projects done. HR executives, writers, designers, developers, and digital marketers can work as a freelancer. Dive into the job portal and apply to companies that are hiring freelancers.

Since you do not have to go to college or university, you can handle many projects on the same day. A good thing about such services is you can earn the right amount of money, in fact, more than from your part-time job and it will not be hectic to handle at all during the lockdown.

Streaming videos

Another right way to make money during the lockdown is creating YouTube videos. As you know that nowadays children are not able to go to schools and hence they have switched to online platforms to learn.

If you have any subject knowledge, you can choose any topic, plan the video content and upload it. If more and more students look at these videos, the number of viewers will grow, and you will make money based on the number of viewers.

However, it is not necessary that you need to have the subject knowledge to make YouTube videos. As you know that pandemic has hit the global economy, many people want to know about COVID19, preventive measures and how to live with the virus.

You can make videos on such topics. Since these are trending topics, you will immediately start making money. Such videos are more likely to be viral than any other videos.

Be creative

If you have discovered a hobby during the lockdown, you can use it to make money. Instead of sitting idle, it is good to do a creative job. If you have an interest in arts and crafts, you can use this hobby to make money. Using your skills, you can craft jewellery, cards and a lot of other beautiful things.

Since masks are in high demand, you can stitch masks and sell them online. They will be worth buying as people can wash them properly and they do not as much cost as disposable masks. Look around the house, and you will get a couple of ideas to make things. 

However, before taking the plunge, you should figure out what will lead to the maximum profits because not all types of crafts are sold at a reasonable price. It will help if you research to know whether it is worth making efforts.

It would be best if you come up with a robust plan to have enough cash to meet your regular expenses. If you have a business idea that you can start online, you should go ahead. You can take out one click loans in case you need money. There are several other ideas for making money. You can also follow them.

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