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  • October 29, 2020
  • Leo

Christmas is a great time to evaluate your yearly goals and reset your priorities. But many might feel the festive bonanza getting fainter as we stop believing in Santa as we get older, and the excitement about gifts gets duller. However, you can try some new, happy, and creative ways to celebrate Christmas this year.

If you are stuck in a rut and wondering what to do this holiday season

Here are a few options to help you start:

Skip the gifts this year

Some may find the idea of skipping the gifts altogether an outrageous one, but you will save a lot of money if you skip this tradition and try something new. The whole family can decide to do something together instead of giving each other costly things. The family can chip in to go to a classy restaurant or buy tickets to a show that everyone enjoys.

Another quite famous trend is self-gifting. You don’t have to spend huge spending sprees to impress your family and friends but instead spend a smaller amount of money buying something you need. You can take Christmas loans if there are kids in the family, and you need to buy gifts for all of them.

Ensure that everyone in the family is on board with the idea. Moreover, this idea is excellent for those with only grown-ups in the family. You will still need to buy the kids some gifts, though. Tell your family about this idea and ask them to join in. 

Try something creative with gifts

Another trend of “gifts of thought” is letting you give your folks a homemade gift that’s not bought off the store. Most presents are run of the mill and similar as they are mass-produced, so why not try something new this year?

These thoughtful gifts are precious in their particular way and remain so in the future as they are handmade. Consider giving your folks a handmade gift as this won’t only be memorable but will also save you money that you would otherwise spend on buying gifts. 

Among the pre-Christmas traditions, one of the most coveted activities is wrapping gifts, which kids adore. However, wrapping paper is terrible for the climate and environment, primarily if you use polythene paper since it can’t be recycled.

Wrap your gifts in fabric and replace the paper with fabric, which is much healthier for the environment and looks excellent on gifts. There are patterned furoshiki wraps available that you can use, and you will save a lot of money with this idea.

Have a charitable Christmas

Another creative and down-to-earth idea of celebrating Christmas is by helping the less fortunate celebrate the big day. Find someone who can’t afford to spend money on the festival and help them buy them a Christmas tree or a present or offer any other kind of assistance that might help them celebrate their holiday well.

By helping someone else, you will enjoy your holiday and feel proud that you have helped someone in need, as this is the festive spirit! If you are confused about finding the ones who need your help this Christmas, go online and look for charities, and you will find plenty. 

You can volunteer at a food bank or help to buy or wrap gifts for the less fortunate ones. Since most people aren’t leaving home at this pandemic, you can try volunteering from home and still help people.

Start your new year early

Holiday time is the best with the festive season in full swing and people dressed up in unique Christmas-themed sweaters, so why not start the New Year a little early? Most people make New Year’s resolutions but forget to keep them the next day!

So, start the next chapter or year of your life a bit earlier and keep your resolutions for the whole year. Do things you have been holding off till the holidays get over, like pick up a new hobby or look for a new job, etc. You will get plenty of time because of the holidays and won’t be psychologically exhausted by the end of the holidays to start new things.

Start something new with Christmas, and keep your resolutions to be happy with the holidays. 

Serve a new style, non-traditional dinner

Usually, people eat ham or turkey for Christmas dinner, but what about skipping the traditional meal and trying something new this year?

Try seafood, Chinese food, or continental cuisine, or go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate the day. Ensure that you ask everyone in the family what they would like to eat and take requests and cook special meals.

Start a new tradition for your family

Modern life is crazy and unexpected, and everyone can use a little quality time with the family after this. Therefore, this year, start a new Christmas tradition and make sure that you involve your whole family.

You can wear matching pyjamas or volunteer at charity organizations together, or fill one of those cute and thoughtful gratitude jars. The idea is to spend some quality time with your family together, where everyone learns the value of family bonding and strengthens the relationship. 

The spirit of Christmas lies in celebrating the holiday together with family and friends. If you are falling short on funds, you can try Christmas loans with bad credit to celebrate the holiday. There are secured and unsecured loans available during the holiday that you can benefit from celebrating the holiday with your family.

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