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  • December 24, 2020
  • Leo

No matter what you achieve in your life, it all goes in our life partner’s hands if you want to keep your love life stronger and maintain for a long time till the last breath. With this wedding concept, I have grown up and nor remodelling the ideas of getting smarter to accomplish this purpose.

I am in my late twenties and started earning income for the last two years in the private sector, getting a good income sufficient to feed a family. My parents have been pressurising me for several months to find a suitable girl and settle with her to take the life forward.

I was waiting for the moment when I would start feeling for someone as the same I treat myself with pain and passion and little bit fusion of love. Yes, it is the obvious thing that you need to love yourself and then find someone to enter your life with great bonding of love.

Recently I got married to one of my old-time friends. She was already fallen in love with me, and I did not have any idea regarding the affection feelings she had been developing for me for a couple of years. When I came to know all about this from my fast friend, I decided to propose her.

This blog contains my real-life ongoing with my girlfriend, the hardships I had to face to convince her by conducting an open wedding proposal and how I managed all terms and conditions proposed by the wedding expenses without savings.

The blog carries out the insights for the financial logins that I had approached through direct lending to cover all expenses.

The day of making the proposal

I was all set to propose her in person where nobody could see us making proposals for the wedding life but what I got received was all ruin my mood and exposure to that thought of confessing our feelings of love to each other. She refused my proposal in person.

Like every self-proclaimed guy, I thought of becoming a stud and confessing my love for her in front of a heavy crowd. Therefore, within a few days, I organised a get-together of all my family, friends, and colleagues who could not join me, connected life online.

I got my butts ready to exclaim the affection and set to bear her reactions in front of everyone. It was my do or die situation and waiting to see everyone mocking at me for my stupid proposing act in front of everyone. I was desperate to find her genuine interest in me, was such a dreary moment.

I commanded the disc jockey to play a romantic song to pacify the moment, filling with lovely swings in the air and making everyone drenched with the eternal love expressing the moment.

The moment I started confessing my love for her in front of everyone with almost vested all valour.

Accepting the proposal

It seemed that she was eagerly waiting for that moment. Readers, please do not judge me. We all know that girls are sometimes very irritating as all they want to have special attention in front of everyone.

The boys’ model is not designed to feel that symptom of getting appraisals from anybody at any time. Somehow, she accepted my proposal that day and approved my proposal of getting married within a month.

The next morning I fell in the thought of arranging money for the preparation for the wedding day. I lived many stations farther from my parents and had no guts for asking for money from them.

I was in great pain and found guilty in myself and cursed my own will to decide to marry her in such a short time.

Financial help

I had read about the direct lender. They provide wedding loans, and I received financial help as in the form of loans for bad credit with no guarantor required. It was a wonderful experience with them.


Finally, I got married to the girl of my dreams. She is such a diligent and peace-loving lady. She does not expect a lot from me. Whatever I earn and bring to my home. She interestingly accepts them and makes no complaints about not affording any expensive things.

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