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  • September 17, 2021
  • Leo

Holidays are the perfect time for the kids to learn a few things outside their course curriculum. Unfortunately, the outdated education system in our school doesn’t teach them life sciences. You will be amazed to hear a considerable portion of young children are not even aware of how money works in real life.

However, you need to make learning fun if you want kids to participate in the activities actively. They will make every effort to make the tasks look like a drag, only to miss the key lessons. You are not alone with the intimidating task to groom your kids for the world outside their schools.

Cost of Adding Fun Activities During Holidays

Most parents are already struggling with the finances trying to manage the budget along with the financial goals. Curating a set of fun activities may sound intimidating because of the cost. Nevertheless, you should not ignore the importance of these real-life skills because of the incurring expenses.

You can organise numerous fun and educational activities in your backyard or home to save money. Many parents use their time outside offices to spend with their children with DIY projects. Or take out for Christmas loans to provide the best learning experience to your children.

Fun and Engaging Holiday Activities for Children

Kids have very high expectations of fun activities sometimes to make the task incredibly difficult for parents. You need to spend considerable time to align fun and learning aspects in one activity. Here are few suggestions to make sure your kids learn about the world outside their schools and digital screens.

1.Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are old-school activities to keep your kids engaged for hours. Many adults even participate in a treasure hunt during events at college, offices, and game nights. You can use a few sheets of paper and household items to create a treasure hunt for kids.

Adding the learning aspect to the fun activity is easier with a treasure hunt. You can ask questions to increase their knowledge while helping them improve their analytical skills. More importantly, your entire family can take part along with some friends in the activity to increase the competitive feel.

2. Mini Festival

Holidays are the time to enjoy festivals around the neighbourhood for people with different tastes. You can organise one in your backyard or garden to teach your children a few things about management. They will feel the responsibility to organise a festival with a few essential tasks allocated to them.

Give them a budget to complete the tasks with their favourite decorative items or themes. They will learn about money management, a fun way to avoid overspending in the years to come. Furthermore, you can invite your neighbours to the festivals to make your children feel satisfied with their hard work.

3. Rock Hunting

Rock hunting may seem like a boring task to kids, but it can ignite their interest in science. You can introduce them to the different types of rock in a small area to increase their curiosity for the subject. Take them to the nearest park or natural site to spend some hours in search of rocks.

You can use a similar activity to search for other types of items or organisms in space. Many kids find birds, insects, and aquatic life interesting during these hunting sessions. Remember, we are not talking about the literal killing of organisms, just their search in a natural environment.

4. Trip to Countryside

The countryside is full of fun activities for kids to learn about farming, animals, and other essential activities. You can take your family to a bread and breakfast on the nearby farm to give them a task of non-urban life. They may not appreciate the schedule with early morning work and no video games.

But you need to make sure they understand the importance of these activities for human society. It is a calming experience for adults as well to spend time away from the stressful life at home. You can enjoy fresh food with no preservatives and chemicals to increase its shelf life.

5. Holiday Camps

Holiday camps are the ideal option to help your kids learn specific skills without the need to organise everything. There are multiple options available for your kids keeping in mind your requirements and budget. The UK government is promoting these camps to compensate for the loss of educational time during the lockdown.

You should prioritise the life skills to impart to the children while trying to search for the ideal holiday camp. Look for the activities that promote management of finances, survival skills, and implementation of theoretical learning. You can use online short-term loans for the unemployed to manage the cost of holiday camps and other expenses for the season.


To sum up, you can help your kid learn with fun activities during the holiday season at a manageable cost. It will require a few hours to plan the whole activity as combining fun and learning is never easy. Though, you can use the above tips or take help from the online community to find other ways.

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