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  • May 30, 2019
  • Leo

While there is no such thing like job security, it becomes very important to have a side gig. An additional income source can help you tide over when you do not have a full-time job. You may ignore this fact as you can get loans for unemployed, but you can get it if you show any income proof other than a full-time job. The purpose of loans is to help you when you are in tight corner but the harsh reality is you need money to borrow money.  

Freelancing career sounds very interesting as you are your own boss. You do not have to follow very tight discipline as in your full-time job. You do not have to work beyond your capacity and earnings are more than a 9 to 5 job. However, it is not as easy as suggested. Most of freelancers end up with failure just after a couple of months. Making a successful freelancing career takes a bit long time and patience along with the right strategy. Here is how you should start your freelancing career:

Have a clear goal

Just because your friends are into freelancing and it is a great way to manage finances during unemployment, does not mean that you will get it off the ground. You must know why you are interesting to start as a freelancer. Is it just to have extra money or are you looking forward to becoming a full-time freelancer? Unless you define your goal, you will not be able to move in the right direction.

Find a niche

Identify your skills, for instance, whether you want to start as a freelance writer or a graphic designer. Remember that freelancing industry has cutthroat competition and you need to make an effective strategy if you want to stand out. Within a split of seconds thousands of people bid and your profile is likely to go down by the time the bid closes and a client shortlists a freelancer for a project. Think how you can create a difference rather than just following the crowd. For example, if you want to offer graphic designing services, study how much other freelancers are quoting for similar projects. Try to set your quote lower than the market rate. It will help you quickly grab clients.

IIdentify your target clients

In the beginning, select your clients randomly. Once you have handled their projects, you will develop a clear sense whether you want to pursue with them or not. However, this approach is not suitable for the long run. Before you find your target clients, you must figure out which business will specifically get benefit from your service, which business can afford to pay you the price you quote, how it will help you learn and grow financially. Once you have answers of all these questions, you will be able to connect with your clients.

Create an impressive portfolio

A client will always look at your work samples to know your taste and style. You should have an impressive portfolio website so that it endears your work to your client. A portfolio is excellent as long as it is able to communicate your specialty and display best samples of your work, highlight your skills, achievements and qualification and display testimonials if you have any from your previous employer or client. You should get an idea from portfolios of other freelancers. Do some online research to know how you can make it stellar.

Learn how to pitch

However much you are skilled, the starting of your freelancing career depends on how competently you sell your strengths and achievements. If you fail to communicate your strengths and skills, you will not be able to get any work. You should make a list of questions that you anticipate your client may ask after taking a look at your portfolio website. Try to make an appealing layout for your proposal and show those samples that may be considered your magnum opus.

Freelancing career can be rewarding if you follow the right strategy from the beginning. Even though it does not help you make huge money, at least you will be able to make ends meet when you face an unexpected layoff. Even if you rely on loans on benefits from direct lenders, they will be much more manageable.


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