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  • February 2, 2021
  • Leo

Selling your home at the desired price is not an easy task. Your home should be attractive to buyers to get the desired price. Some necessary cleaning and sprucing up can make your house attractive.

More significant changes, such as converting a garage or loft conversions, can reap higher value, but they require money and time to invest. Nowadays, many find out direct lenders offer the best guarantor loans in the UK to cater to the housing needs of people.

These loans are not country-specific and are available in other countries, such as India, UK, Australia, etc.

To make your home inviting, it is not necessary to only go for more significant changes. Apart from these profound changes, small changes can also significantly impact your house looks.

  1. Focus on redecoration

To keep it low cost, you can consider redecorating your home with a lick of paint and other general maintenance activities. You can give a whole new look to your house with different color themes and patterns.

Painting your house can go a long way and add more years to its life. Do not feel hesitant in painting your home, as it can add a fresh look to your existing decoration.

Everybody likes it neat and clean. So, fix up all the patches and defects to make it new and clean.

Before your house sale, you can cater to all the small problems and fix them. You can look for the following things in your home:

  • Patchy and dirty walls near doors and frames
  • Loose and dripping taps
  • Noisy doors or stairs
  • Rotting sealant in bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Ill fitted floor lamination
  • Broken bulbs and wall fittings
  • Doors replacement

First impressions create a considerable impact. You should ensure the house entrance, doors, and windows that contribute to the first impression should be replaced.

The house should give welcoming vibes to its viewers. If replacing is going out of your budget, make sure to get the old doors and windows painted to provide a new look.

Changing the doorknobs or name sign is also an essential factor to consider while getting your house on sale.

  • Kitchen makeover

The Kitchen is one of the essential factors that are considered by the buyers before buying a new house. You have to be innovative and replace your kitchen fittings and accessories to make them look more attractive.

70% of the homeowners renovate their kitchens before selling their house. As per a study, it is said that most of the buyers, after purchasing a home, decide to replace their kitchen and make it according to their taste.

Completely renovating and changing everything in your kitchen is not possible. But you can act wisely and transform the important things that catch your attention while entering into the kitchen.

You can play smart and change smaller things to make it a big change. For example, you can change your cupboard or door handles, install clutter-free lighting and clean all the surfaces to make them look new and presentable look new and presentable. 

Investing in your kitchen can get you buyers who are willing to pay more because of your renovated kitchen.

  • Bathroom upgradation

You can make innovations in your bathroom as well as increase your home value. For example, removing the limescale and replacing the taps, etc.

Bathrooms should be hygienic and clean by all means. To give a cleaner look to your bathroom, you can paint your bathrooms with a neutral shade and put up a new shower curtain.

Another option for a shower curtain is to get a glass screen installed, which looks presentable too. As per the house sale data, the houses sold in 2018, 30% of the homes had glass screens in the bathroom instead of the shower curtains.

Updating your full bathroom may increase your home value and will help you sell your house faster.

  • Make your garden fascinating.

Open spaces are liked by everybody and are preferred while buying a house. A tidy, well-maintained, and adequately designed garden is a valuable addition to any home.

To make it look attractive, you can trim overgrown plants and trees, clear pathways, and trim borders.

The garden should not be overcrowded with fittings and fixtures. It should give the vibe of peace and calmness. The garden area offers buyers a sense of additional space to use and relax.

The buyer can use the free space to create it as a rejuvenation or entertainment area in sunnier weather. 

Anything neat and clean will appeal to a buyer. Clean and open spaces create a sense of privacy and space. One tip is to remember not to make changes over personalized as everybody has different tastes and preferences.

The property should be adaptive to its new buyers and should have the scope to make changes as per the new buyers.

  • Double glaze the windows

The surrounding area of any house can add or decrease the value of the house. The noisy surrounding of your home can impact the values of your property negatively.

To avoid such factors, you can double glaze your windows and keep the house noise-free and warm.

  • Opening up space

Having an opening up living space is becoming trendy and popular among buyers. Especially the area for the dining room and the kitchen makes it attractive.

Having open space for families to sit together and enjoy is preferred. Combining two or more rooms to create a free space can be a boon in selling your house.

  • Be energy efficient

The world is going smart, and so should you. Smart home technologies are increasingly becoming popular among buyers.

The feature of mobile phones controls overheating systems is worth considering while making changes in your house.

  • Driveway

Parking your vehicles in front or nearby your house is considered a premium service being offered. Some houses provide this service while others do not have the service, thereby decreasing the house’s value.

If you have room to add off-street parking, you can add value to your current price for your house.

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