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  • October 4, 2019
  • Daisy marshall

Kids are always excited about Halloween, they are energetic to try something new every time the celebration comes. Those creepy masks, unprecedented creatures, weird but attractive costumes, roaring masks, wowww they are always ‘IN’ for the fun.

No doubt, they will show the zeal to create something great as a part of their school project for Halloween. However, the actual struggle is on the part of ‘IDEA’ that is required to have an amazing outcome

Here are few project ideas that to try for the purpose. In fact, not only kids but their parents as well as teachers can try them to help the little humans create something exceptional. They are easy to try and stunning in presentation.

  • Start with the popular ones – The pumpkin craft

This is sure to be one of the interesting things in Halloween. No celebration reaches to completion without it. Also, it is the easiest one and kids can conveniently try their hands on this art. Just two triangular eyes, one nose and a creepy smile and it is good to catch the attention of the whole class. Smartly use the paper of a good quality to make the creation long lasting. Egg cartons, paper plates etc. can also be used


  • spider handprint craft

Another idea that is perhaps easier than the pumpkin craft. Let those black painted little hands do their magic with the shape of their palms pasted on any standard size coloured paper. Now take a thread and fix it on the edge of the paper on one end and the other from the spider print. If not the thread, then paint the web from a thin brush. For more space, you can take a big sheet of paper and make 3 to 4 spiders coming from all directions. No need to stick to only black colour, any strong shade can work

  • Newspaper witch craft

Here comes the queen of bad times to grab a bit of flesh!!! Horrible!!! Isn’t it? But nothing much is there to worry about as the witch is made of newspaper. A funny Halloween project idea that kids can use to get a good score with no or little efforts. Make a circular or triangular or square shape and give it a glittering wart at the nose end to come into notice and a conical black hat. Forget not to keep the eyes thirsty and fierce with aggression

  • Ghost to host the Halloween

Hahaha, that sounds interesting!! It is an idea that invites simplest to the most exclusive creativity. No constraint of the material, from cloth to paper or sponge to anything. The easiest can be the cotton ball idea, placed under a small cloth and tying it with a small, colourful ribbon. Hang it in the classroom and fantasy can flow in the atmosphere all day long. Handprint ghosts on a paper just like the idea of spiders can also work great. No surprise if the ghosts look cute more than scary

  • Cardboard Zombies

Stay hush-hush…. or they will listen and will come to bite you and make you like one of them. Yes, the Zombies are on around, taking a glance at the city. This is how the kids feel about zombies, let them leave the imprints of their exciting ideas. For sure, cardboard is an easy thing to find at your home and kids can make a good use of it on this Halloween. This is the most liberal thing to do as the weirdest thing becomes most attractive.

  • Black cat craft

For every kid, black cat is a vital character in the childhood stories. It comes with different expressions, intense aggressiveness and all smartness to bring fear in the eyes of the good souls. Kids that go to school can effortlessly enjoy this craft. From paper plates, cardboard to stuffed cloth, leave the choice on the little minds to choose the material.


There is so much to do on Halloween projects. The ideas are cheap on financial aspect. No one is asking you to take something as big as the loans for students if your purpose is not to make something HUGE. Keep exploring the new ways to make the celebration more exciting for the kids. Let them apply their own curiosities and they will find their way to bring out something marvellous. Pay heed to safety concerns while they work.

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